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The Team

As a team at Micron Bio-Systems we understand our pivotal role in developing science-based solutions that supports those who produce food.  We aim to offer exceptional customer service, equal to our technical and research capability, to test develop and supply high quality products that go above and beyond our customers expectations.  We believe in making agriculture great. 

David Parfitt

Tel: 877-264-2468

Steve Parfitt

Tel: 877-264-2468

Shannon Lineberry

Production Manager
Tel: 540-261-2468

Robert Rhoades

V.P. & General Manager
Tel: 540-261-2468

Jim Zimmerman

Upper Mid-West Technical Sales Account Manager

Tel: 608-697-3417

Linda Grandy

Business Manager/Accounting
Tel: 540-261-2468

Jim Leighton

Operations Manager
Tel: 540-261-2468

Robert Furmage

Analytical Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1278 427272

Hsueh Lui Ho

Research Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1278 427272

John Gulya

North East Technical Sales Account Manager

Tel: 717-693-2195

Stuart Norman

Mid-West Technical Sales Account Manager
Tel: 228-234-8751

Natalie Schroeder

Senior Scientist
Tel: 540-261-2468
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