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ES Advance

Silage Inoculants

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Range of silage inoculants specifically formulated to produce the best results in silages made from grass, corn and cereal forages.

Improve silage quality
Increase digestible NDF and crude protein
Reduce dry matter loss, minimizing nutrient loss
Improve aerobic stability so less heating
Inhibit mold formation reducing the risk of mycotoxins
Easy to mix and apply

ES Advance crop-specific forage inoculants are suitable for use on crops grown for livestock feeds and anaerobic digestion.

For more information on MicroSile, Early Sile Plus and the Micron program for feed preservation and improvement please contact your local representative.

The Solution

Role of enzymes

Enzymes unlock the energy from plant lignins and significantly increase the digestibilty of treated forages. We include our own crop-specific cocktail of enzymes to suit the type of plant fiber you are ensiling.

Role of lactic acid

Lactic acid bacteria reduce nutrient loss in forage by rapidly dropping the pH. Our own unique blend of bacteria in ES Advance optimizes the speed at which pH drops after ensiling.

Advance® Legume

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Advance® Maize

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Advance® Whole Crop

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