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MicroZyme R

Slurry Treatment

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Make the most of your slurry.

MicroZyme R is a ruminant-specific biological product for use in the reduction of solids, odor control and nitrogen retention in stored liquid slurry. Containing a unique blend of bacterial strains and enzymes specifically selected for their capability to break down fiber, starch, pectins, fats and protein residues within ruminant slurry over a wide range of temperatures.

MicroZyme R protects the nutrient value and makes slurry easier to manage.

The Solution

Decreases solids
Less time stirring, fewer blockages
Quicker pump outs, less diesel used
Less cost to spread
Easier injecting or drilling
Reduction in surface run off risk
Reduces crust formation

Storage benefits
Reducing odor and ammonia emissions
Less separation after mixing and a more consistent slurry
Lower harmful emissions that can affect livestock and operators
Less sedminent, faster and easier emptying