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UltraSorb P

Mycotoxin Remediator

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UltraSorb P is an avian-specific mineral feed developed to reduce the impact of mycotoxins.

Poultry are highly susceptible and frequently exposed to all mycotoxins, especially Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins and T2. UltraSorb P is a comprehensive product and complete solution developed to reduce the negative impact of mycotoxins in poultry production.  

UltraSorb P has four modes of action; to bind, transform and degrade a wide range of mycotoxins; and protect against the adverse effects of toxin-forming molds which may be present in the feed.

The Solution

UltraSorb P is our poultry-specific solution to counter the impact of mycotoxins. 

UltraSorb P includes highly adsorbent minerals to bind a wide range of mycotoxins and their derivatives to make them harmless and biologically active yeast derivatives to transform and degrade the molecular structure of mycotoxins to improve binding efficacy.